When I turn on my phone in the morning I receive a message with my Daily score and a simple follow up question. The daily score is made up of my Sleep and Readiness scores from my Oura Ring, and a “real feel” score that I entered. It’s one thing to sleep well, but to feel good is just as important! The follow up question from my ai sleep coach helps to identify patterns and allows me to create healthy new habits and kick unhelpful ones.

Man sitting on a bench using his mobile phone
Man sitting on a bench using his mobile phone
Photo by Maksim Goncharenok from Pexels

I’ve realised, by talking to over 100 Oura users, that everyone is truly unique…

Getting those Z’s.

I’ve been in South Africa for the last few months (it was only meant to be a few weeks) and last week I was finally allowed to fly back to Vienna. Before flying out from Cape Town we spent the night in a hotel in one of my favourite places, Sea Point on the Atlantic seaboard. The hotel was great, I can’t complain about anything in particular but I had a terrible night’s sleep and my Oura stats the next morning didn’t surprise me:

My team and I are developing an ai sleep coach called Circles that works with the Oura Ring and are looking into what helps people sleep better.

If you’d like to follow our progress with Circles, keep an eye on my Medium and Twitter feed! I’ll also be sharing my experience of On Deck Health 1 that I am a part of right now, and also my Ship 30 for 30 challenge I am doing this month!

A great resource for anyone looking to improve their sleep is a wonderful community of Oura Ring users on Facebook, I found a…

We’ve been onboarding users to our Circles dashboard (that works with the Oura Ring) for about a month now. The process has taken time because we decided that I would personally onboard all users on a zoom call. You might be wondering, Why? Well, I believe face-to-face communication with users is invaluable, especially in the early stage we are in! We can take our product in many different directions, but the point is to make something people want to use. …

I’ve been focusing on sleep and how tracking it helps me improve my overall health. Something that can help you sleep better is… breathing. We do it automatically all day, everyday. But by focussing on this action and by doing breathing exercises, you can experience a range of benefits, especially when it comes to sleep. My team and I are doing a “Breathing Challenge” this month and will share how it goes! For now, let’s explore breathing…

Breathing for 20 minutes in the evening, guided by my Apple Watch

I recently got diagnosed with sports asthma and have started paying more attention to my breathing. I use the Oura Ring to track…

All about sleep

We’ve spent many years working in tech and often at the expense of our health and well-being, which can happen to anyone working in any field. Life happens and we know we should be healthy but it doesn’t always translate into action. We challenged ourselves to work within the Health space, as a way to learn more about our own health and also empower others like us too. While unpacking Health and what it meant to us, we realised that we are all actually passionate about it. I’m on a mission to gain weight and manage my sports asthma. My…

I’ve written before about how my health was on a downward slope because I was “too busy” to pay attention to it. You can read about it here. The first step I took to regain my well-being (I like to use this word as a combination of physical, mental and emotional health) was to buy an Oura Ring. It’s essentially a sleep tracker in the discreet form of a ring that you wear on your finger. I love tech and was really excited to dive into the data!

I wasn’t experiencing any sleep problems in particular so you might think…

Building a company often requires you to be all-in. The early stages of a start up can feel like an impossible juggling act. Trying to balance that with your personal life (and even just regular meal times) can be a challenge. You can forget about a structured fitness schedule and any chance of a healthy, balanced lifestyle… I found out the hard way that putting your health on the back burner will come back to bite you.

Me in 2020 shortly after my collapse and slightly underweight.

In 2020 it bit me, hard. But let me rewind a little to give you the full story…

Together with my co-founders Fred…

2020 month by month ✚

January … a safari 🦁in 🇿🇦KZN with family, followed by a road trip 🏎 along the Garden Route with friends. Started working on a magic design-tool for a sustainable fashion brand. 👚

February … moved back to 🇦🇹Vienna only to get locked up. Or down?

March … built a chatbot project for a 🇩🇪 client that saved them 6 figures to date. 🤑 Steph started her Masters! 🧑‍🎓

started a cohort based learning project 🟪.

April … co-founded a business that generated 7 figures in Sales to date. 📈

May … started working on a…

Why we are starting Gateway Labs.

our story:
Over the past 5 years me & my co-founders built Swelly — a social network that operates within popular messaging apps such as Messenger and reached 10 million users.

We started in the way we believed is the right motivation to found a startup. I’ve been working in the fashion industry for a decade and realized that people are very indecisive when it comes to what to wear and what to buy. Not only that: To make purchase decisions we tend towards relying on our partner or our friends.

That problem has been bugging me for quite some time before we started interviewing our customers in our retail stores and figured there must be a simple solution for that problem.

We created an…

Peter Buchroithner

Partner @ Gateway Labs - Building something new for your health

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