2020 month by month ✚

January … a safari 🦁in 🇿🇦KZN with family, followed by a road trip 🏎 along the Garden Route with friends. Started working on a magic design-tool for a sustainable fashion brand. 👚

February … moved back to 🇦🇹Vienna only to get locked up. Or down?

March … built a chatbot project for a 🇩🇪 client that saved them 6 figures to date. 🤑 Steph started her Masters! 🧑‍🎓

started a cohort based learning project 🟪.

April … co-founded a business that generated 7 figures in Sales to date. 📈

May … started working on a bite sized learning platform 🟪 with a friend. Way to go.

June … started therapy. Yeah, I was really sitting on a couch 🛋… thank you 2020.

July … our canceled Madrid trip turned into an adventure on Wolfgang See. Did 2 startup investments 💸

August … A weekend in the Wachau 🍷and a lot of work.

September … launched an e-commerce that is amongst the top 5% on Shopify that started at that time. Started creating an MVP for one of Europe’s future most promising startups. 🏔

October … 🏔working on a Sustainable Future

November … back to 🇿🇦 Cape Town and Durban for the winter.🏔working on a Sustainable Future. Started live streaming on Twitch 📺. First hire in Africa 🌍.

December … still 🏔working on a Sustainable Future. Ending the year wearing board shorts in 🇿🇦 ✚ on Safari 🦁with family.

Proud of the ✚ team and everyone in our circle.

Grateful to work with such great talent, clients & partners.

Super excited for what’s to come in 2021, while planning for 2022 and beyond! 🚀

Message me to work with us: medium@gatewaylabs.co



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Peter Buchroithner

Peter Buchroithner

Partner @ Gateway Labs - Building something new for your health