35 Ways to Improve your Sleep

35 Ways to Improve your Sleep

35. Valerian
A herb used for treating sleep disorders like insomnia with its anti-anxiety effects.

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I use my Apple Watch to help with my Breathing Exercises
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I find 21 Degrees to be my sweet spot for sleep!

Find what works for you

If you are battling with sleep, I hope you find something on this list that helps you! Remember to do some research, check with experts and listen to your body! I found that creating a balanced lifestyle and sleep routine has helped me immensely and it’s always lots of little daily things that add up to big changes!

The Challenge — join in!

So as a challenge, I invite you to pick ONE thing on this list that resonates with you the most and to try it for ONE month! Like I said, maybe start with something you can cut back on or “remove” like caffeine. But if having a wind down routine sounds good to you then design one for yourself, pick a time to start, and do it! You might want to start with a consistent sleep schedule since it’s at number 1 on the list, but it’s really up to you!

Happiest when I sleep well



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