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Peter Buchroithner
4 min readFeb 23, 2021
All about sleep

We’ve spent many years working in tech and often at the expense of our health and well-being, which can happen to anyone working in any field. Life happens and we know we should be healthy but it doesn’t always translate into action. We challenged ourselves to work within the Health space, as a way to learn more about our own health and also empower others like us too. While unpacking Health and what it meant to us, we realised that we are all actually passionate about it. I’m on a mission to gain weight and manage my sports asthma. My co-founders Fred and Phil are curious about improving their performance (especially with a busy schedule), they do CrossFit and are quite fit and active, they’re also both vegan. Our team member Staci prefers hiking and yoga, is also vegan, and has cut out alcohol and some other things to manage her fibromyalgia. We were all interested in how to perform better, at sport, at work, at everything. How do we make the most of our time on earth and be the best versions of ourselves? This could be true for a CEO, or a parent, an athlete… it really doesn’t matter.

Two men celebrate with medals after completing the X Cross Run.
Phil at the X Cross Run in Austria.

Firstly, Health is so many things! It’s our fitness, our diet, our mental state, and sometimes just a feeling. Each of these things on their own is also so complex. We can workout different areas of the body at different intensities for specific results. We can do weights, or cardio, we can be strong, or fast, or flexible. Diet is about fuelling our bodies and our minds, there are nutrients and fats and sugar. On top of this, all our bodies are different too… We have different blood types and genes, you may have a disability, you might be sensitive or intolerant to something. I haven’t even mentioned external influences like climate or pollution…

My Breakfast of Choice

We wanted to find a way to be and feel healthier but we didn’t know how to navigate the scope of “health”! We ended up at sleep, and what a fascinating topic it is! Sleep is how your body recovers and gets you ready for the next day. It’s obvious how terrible lack of sleep can make you feel, so how does that actually affect you? How does sleeping well benefit your health? And how do you ensure good sleep? If this sounds interesting to you or you have some knowledge to share, please join the discussion All About Sleep here!

My daily weigh-in

We’ve been tracking our sleep with the Oura Ring and have been making small adjustments to our lifestyles with some great results so far. It seems that changes you make to improve your sleep ultimately find their way into the rest of your life. Things to look out for when tracking your sleep are your Resting Heart Rate, Heart Rate Variability and sleep stages, like REM or deep sleep — these can all signal different things about your health. We still have so much to learn and we want to bring you on the journey with us!

Screen shot of sleep score in the Oura App
Sleep and Readiness scores in the Oura app

We invite you to join our community discussion All About Sleep. If you use the Oura ring or other wearables, we encourage you to share data and insights. But even if you’re just curious about the topic, we’d love for you to join in. We want to create a knowledge exchange where anyone can share their experiences and chat about their variables and improvements!

You can get involved in two ways:

1. Read / Write Forum
Our community discussion board where you can read, post and interact with other members of the community, join here.

2. Listen / Speak Live Chat
Our weekly session on Jam, where we host live discussions! You can join here every Wednesday.

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