Breathe! A Challenge to Combat Stress and Sleep Better.

Breathing for 20 minutes in the evening, guided by my Apple Watch
  • Helps you relax, reducing the negative effects of cortisol (stress hormone) on your body
  • Lowers your heart rate
  • Helps lower your blood pressure
  • Helps you cope with the symptoms of PTSD
  • Improves your core muscle stability
  • Improves your body’s ability to tolerate intense exercise
  • Lowers your chances of injuring your muscles
  • Slows your rate of breathing so that it expends less energy
Taking time out to breathe!

The challenge

Take 20 minutes in the morning and evening to sit down and breathe at your resonance frequency. You’ll need to figure out which one feels best for you. The recommended frequency is a 4 second inhale and 6 second exhale, but this is different for everyone! We use the free app, Awesome Breathing: Pacer Timer to help us set our frequency and time our sessions. We’ll post updates here as we go along and invite you to do the “Breathing Challenge” with us!

Find you Resonance Frequency on Awesome Breathing: Pacer Timer
Awesome Breathing: Pacer Timer screenshot

All About Sleep

I’m still new to this and would love to hear what breathing exercises you do and how it has helped you! Join our All About Sleep community and let me know. We’ll keep posting our updates and data there as we do a different challenge each month, and invite you to do the same!

Less Stress, More Good Sleep



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Peter Buchroithner

Peter Buchroithner

Partner @ Gateway Labs - Building something new for your health