How Oura Helped Me Change My Life

Screen Time

Screen passcode on iPhone
  • Increased sleep onset latency (a complicated way of saying, “taking a long time to fall asleep”)
  • Increased awake time (Battling to stay asleep)


Drinking wine in Cape Town
Enjoying a glass of wine in Franschhoek near Cape Town in South Africa, with my Oura ring.
  • Increased Heart Rate
  • Higher than normal Resting Heart Rate
  • Delayed and Reduced REM sleep
  • Reduced sleep onset latency (As a sedative, alcohol can get you to fall asleep quickly)

Wind Down Period

The 5 Minute Journal
My 5 Minute Journal that I fill out every morning and evening.
  • Increased sleep onset latency
  • Increased Resting Heart Rate
  • Reduced REM sleep

Consistent Bed Time

  • Increased sleep onset latency
  • Reduced sleep efficiency
  • Reduced time spent asleep
Part of my daily routine is waking up early to go for a walk on the beach (and drink coffee)

Room Temperature

Temperature setting
My perfect setting for a good night’s sleep!
  • Reduced REM sleep
  • Waking up frequently throughout the night


A mug of Rooibos Cappuccino
My afternoon Rooibos Cappuccino.
  • Higher average Resting Heart Rate
  • Increased sleep onset latency
  • Reduced time spent asleep



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Peter Buchroithner

Peter Buchroithner


Partner @ Gateway Labs - Building something new for your health