Let me introduce you to Swell (dvel Inc. )— the makers of 🐳Swelly

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Swelly 5.0 is ready to roll out. Before going public we decided to give it a few more days of testing and feedback loops with our selected group of testers. Thanks everyone for your help so far, you know who you are. We wanted to use this opportunity to tell you a little bit more about the company behind ‘Swelly’ and what we are up to.

Swell builds social communities to create brand awareness and loyalty.

We make it easy for consumers to express their opinions & for brands to listen, learn and act upon their learnings.

Our apps give users a voice and reward them for being active members of the communities they choose.

Our products:

Swell believes that users should get rewarded for providing value for brands and each other.
We built a tech stack that allows us to create multiple consumer applications to quickly test and learn what sticks. And scale 🚀 🚀 🚀
While we believe that for plenty of use cases a native mobile app is the best choice, we see a lightweight app as a great alternative. Most people call those light weight apps a ‘chatbot’.


Our flagship app Swelly is the fastest way to express your opinion on popular topics. More than 200 million opinions have been shared by our world wide community so far. Swelly’s currency is the opinion. We believe, that an opinion is much more valuable than a like.

Therefore we allow our community to reward each other with the crypto currency Kin for expressing their opinion. Brands who want to take part in Swelly can therefore buy Kin to get in touch with more users.

Swelly lets you join some of our most popular communities in FASHION, BEAUTY, TRAVEL, SPORTS, FOOD and more.

More to come.


Swell (dvel Inc.) uses chatbots as a new way of reengaging and growing young audiences. Swelly is Generation z’s go to place for trends. With an opening rate of ~ 85% we not only created a new way of notifications that users actually read, but a micro newsletter that allows us to inform our audience about new products and offerings by ourselves and our partner brands.


We built a scaleable foundation that allows us to launch loads of experiments fast and figure out what sticks with your users. A foundation in which every community member is rewarded for being part of the community.

Using Swelly’s audience as a launchpad to start new communities allow your brand to get in front of millions of people in generation z, an audience that is hard to reach elsewhere.

While our team is mostly located in Los Angeles (CA) and Vienna (Austria) we are fully remote and accessible wherever you are.

Swell Founders Fred (Product), Pete (Marketing), Phil (Tech)

Swell is backed by some of Europe’s best angel investors including our board members Stefan Kalteis, Michael Eisler as well as Hansi Hansmann.

Swell (dvel Inc.) Board

Join Swelly now or reach out to partner with us.

Pete, Phil, Fred (@swelly.ai)

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