Why I decided to join Span

Last week I started a new role.

Let’s start with Why?

In September 2020 I passed out on the bathroom floor.
After 13 doctor visits, it turned out that technically there was nothing wrong with me.
I wrote all about it here: Does my success come at the expense of my health?

It was then, that I decided to turn my life around. After all running a startup used by millions of users won’t matter without good health.

My goal: To become the fittest and healthiest I’ve ever been.

I started optimizing my sleep with the help of the Oura Ring. I got an Apple Watch to measure my heart rate, established a new morning routine of gratitude journaling, and planning my days in time blocks. And I even signed up for Supersapiens to start measuring my glucose levels in real-time.

But what do I do with all that data?

Since I’ve always been a founder, I’ve never been the best at taking care of myself, but great at solving problems for other people.

My team and I developed a chatbot that helps Oura ring users to feel better, by checking in on them and providing actionable insights to improve their sleep.

To thrive within the health-tech space my logical next step was to join
On Deck’s first Health-Tech Cohort. Thanks to their brilliant match-making-skills I ended up in a Mastermind group with Patrick Samy — CEO & CO-Founder of Span.health.

I immediately loved the idea behind Span: a longevity-focused service that provides actionable insights to improve your health.

Once I signed up and had my onboarding call with Rachel — Span’s Chief Care Officer — I was even more impressed. She seemed to truly care about helping people to improve their health. After connecting my Oura ring, CGM and Apple Health Data to the Span App Rachel put me on the first challenge: ‘Balance your breakfast’ and I had no idea how much of a change in energy levels this simple adjustment would give me.
Rachel also recommended ‘Magnesium Glycinate’ to combat stress symptoms, as well as the Sensate device to help me be calmer. And most importantly for geeks like myself: I could see the change in my data. (a topic for another blog post)

I was sold, I knew Span would help me improve my health, and most importantly I realized that this would be so much easier than trying to navigate this complex topic by myself. Knowing what’s good for you is often not enough. Measuring, optimizing and accountability is what’s often missing.

But that’s not all. Span’s third Co-Founder Adam is a medical doctor specialized in longevity health. After speaking with Adam I had another important realization: I immediately trusted him. He’s knowledgeable, driven, and excited about the idea of making longevity health more accessible.
Adam made me trust Span as a brand.

Span has the potential to change lives and in my case it already has.

After 3 months of being an active Span user, it’s time for me to make more people aware of what Span is building: Your personal care team that makes longevity-health as easy as tracking your morning run.

That’s why today I am thrilled to announce that I’ll be joining Span as Head of Growth to help accelerate the momentum Span has built within the longevity health space.

Our aim at Span is to help 1 Million people to live at their optimal health span. My personal mission is to help founders, creators and makers thrive, and I’ve learned the hard way, that this is only possible by prioritizing health.

Interested in Span? Sign up today.




Partner @ Gateway Labs - Building something new for your health

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Peter Buchroithner

Peter Buchroithner

Partner @ Gateway Labs - Building something new for your health

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